Our Favorite Tools

ForVirtual Collaboration:Icebreakers, Music, Fun and Interaction

Explore some of our favorite tools that can be used for ice breakers, interaction, fun, and collaboration! 

We will continuously update this page with cool stuff to support your virtual collaboration mastery. Stay tuned!

Tools for Polls and Quizzes

Mentimeter, Slido and alike.

Live polls, quizzes, word clouds, and much more.


Mentimeter is a presentation tool that uses quizzes, polls and word clouds to help engage students better in education.


Slidoe is a Q&A and polling platform for live and virtual meetings and events.


Live polls, quizzes, beautiful real-time charts & word clouds.

Tools for Warmups and Icebreakers

Everything you need for a surprising and engaging start of your sessions. 

Or for energy boosters when you need them.

Picker Wheel

A free online tool for random selection and decision-making.


A virtual platform offering a range of icebreaker activities


A web-based platform containing a range of icebreaker activities

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